We’ll bring dragons to a playground near you

Project’s goal is to create a deeply immersive outdoor augmented reality system. It will enable creation of interactive outdoor fantasy worlds, where a user can freely roam around and explore the fantasy world around him.


Precise positioning
Project’s final product will be an integrated system which will consist of a VR helmet upgraded with precise positioning equipment and with additional position- and/or rotation- determining sensors.
Outdoor free movement
The main goal of the project is to implement a working prototype of a wearable augmented reality system in outdoor environment where user is fully unrestrained with all 9 degrees of freedom.
Immersive augmented reality
Positioning equipment will allow for user’s view to be augmented with computer-generated 3D virtual objects placed in user’s environment, fixed in space relative to user’s head movement.
    The handover of LocataNet outdoor precise positioning system
    Wearable outdoor augmented reality system for enrichment of touristic content
    Polytechnic received more than 5 million for science

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Latest dev news

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Investing in Europe’s future

Project funded by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund
Project co-funded by Polytechnic of Medjimurje in Cakovec, Infigo IS d.o.o. and Republic of Croatia


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