Employment type: Full time

Job description:
Implementation & adaptation of computer vision algorithms to 3D outdoor augmented reality. Integration of different external sensors into coherent 3D augmented system rendered in Unity.

– good development skills (C++, C#, Java)
– good knowledge of computer vision
– preferably master of computer science (Faculty of Electrical Enginnering & Computing)

Company description:
INFIGO IS was founded in 2005. It specializes in providing information security related consulting services. INFIGO IS’s employees, with their knowledge and experience, are leading information security experts in Croatia. Company’s structure and its business policy ensure a professional and unbiased approach, and a complete fulfillment of client’s needs. Recently INFIGO IS diversified their interests, by investing into augmented reality systems, with Project Wonderland as the long-term strategic interest.

Send your CV and motivation letter to official e-mail: info@projectwonderland.eu

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