First test of indoor augmented reality

This is a video of the first test of indoor augmented reality system.

Working principle
Two Xtion devices were used for indoor real time position tracking. Every device was located at the appropriate arbitrary place in a closed space.

Inside the virtual environment – Unity 3d – two objects were placed at a different locations to represent the Xtion devices (as seen in the video). The devices measure distances and angles to the marker (coloured object). From taken measurements, devices calibrate themselves to their true (real world) position. When the calibration is completed, the position tracking can begin.

For tracking of the Oculus Rift HMD position inside the Unity 3d, a marker (coloured object) was placed at the top of the head. The position of the marker is determined in a real time from the measurements (distances and angles) of every Xtion and their cross section. Real world 1 meter corresponds to the 1 unit (1m) in a virtual scene.
Position tracking with the Asus Xtion Pro Live gave us 2d coordinates, and is used as a placeholder for the outdoor positioning system.

Technologies used : Asus Xtion Pro Live, Oculus Rift, Unity 3d (Visual Studio C#), Camera

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