HoloGrid Prototype 4 complete!

We have successfully integrated and tested Prototype 4 of our HoloGrid platform, and the results are very promising! Integration of our previous technology and API's with LocataNet precise positioning technology helped us to achieve highly precise absolute positioning results. Virtual objects in scene are far more immersive and realistic due… Read more


Locata knowledge transfer to project team has been completed

On Wednesday, December 16th2015, the process of knowledge transfer from Locata experts & partners to the local project's team members has been completed. Locata expert and senior engineer John Amt from USA & regional Locata partners from Poljoopskrba d.o.o. (Locata Technology Integrator in EU, http://www.polje.hr/default.aspx?id=114 ) have taught PW team… Read more


LocataNet outdoor arena up and running!

As of today, 12th December 2015, our own outdoor LocataNet arena is up and running! Arena consists of 6 LocataLites which have been successfully synchronized (TimeLocked) today for the first time, providing the mobile Locata Rover unit with position information as precise as 3 mm horizontally and 6 mm vertically.… Read more


Installation of Locata outdoor arena in progress

Today Locata partners have successfully set up two high (13m) masts for Locata outdoor antennas at the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec backyard. Each mast has three antennas which serve either as transmitters for precisely positioning the mobile & wearable Locata Rover, or as receivers for synchronization between LocataLites. Two… Read more


First public presentation

As a part of the celebration of 7th Anniversary of Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec, we held our first public presentation and demonstration of a first working project prototype. The presentation was attended by officials from local government like Matija Posavec, prefect of Međimurje County, prof.dr.sc. Ružica Beljo Lučić, Assistant… Read more


Version 1 Prototype

One of the first goals of our AR integration is achieved. Our HMD setup can now show real environments with augmented elements. For that we have used web cameras to display real time video feed, enhanced it through Unity with virtual content and displayed it in the Oculus Rift. Integration… Read more

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