HoloGrid Prototype 4 complete!

We have successfully integrated and tested Prototype 4 of our HoloGrid platform, and the results are very promising!

Integration of our previous technology and API’s with LocataNet precise positioning technology helped us to achieve highly precise absolute positioning results. Virtual objects in scene are far more immersive and realistic due to absolute accuracy of better than 1cm horizontally and 1-3cm vertically, gathered at 50 Hz from Locata Rover antenna placed on top of Oculus Rift DK2. Positional data from Locata Rover and rotational data from Xsens AHRS are fused together using extented kalman filter.

Further development will be focused on performance optimization and creating the even better “real feel” effect.

HoloGrid Prototype 4 was final objective of our EU-funded phase of the project.

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