Installation of Locata outdoor arena in progress

Today Locata partners have successfully set up two high (13m) masts for Locata outdoor antennas at the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec backyard. Each mast has three antennas which serve either as transmitters for precisely positioning the mobile & wearable Locata Rover, or as receivers for synchronization between LocataLites.

Two higher (13m) masts are all setup, four more lower ones (4m) to go. When a network of antennas is installed, LocataNet will be ready for initial setup and then the fun part begins. :) This will be our primary outdoor arena for future development & testing purposes.

Many thanks to Locata for their extraordinary technology, and guys @ www.polje.hr for their local EU expertise on the technology.

Locata official web site: http://www.locata.com/




loc_4  loc_5  loc_6



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