Locata has invented a new, completely autonomous positioning technology that creates terrestrial networks that function as a “local ground-based replica” of GPS-style positioning. Locata is not designed to replace GPS; it is a local extension and expansion of GPS. Instead of orbiting satellites, Locata utilizes a network of small, ground-based transmitters (LocataNet) that blanket a chosen area with strong radio-positioning signals. As it is terrestrially based and provides powerful signals, Locata can work in any internal or external environment. Because of its patented time-synchronization mechanism, Locata can offer unprecedented position accuracy in the range of +/- 2 cm in outdoor large areas.

Because of its’ precision in determining position in outdoor environments, Locata is the key technology that is in the core of project’s final system. It will be used for precise outdoor positioning which will track user’s head movement in 3 translational degrees of freedom.

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