Locata knowledge transfer to project team has been completed

On Wednesday, December 16th2015, the process of knowledge transfer from Locata experts & partners to the local project’s team members has been completed.

Locata expert and senior engineer John Amt from USA & regional Locata partners from Poljoopskrba d.o.o. (Locata Technology Integrator in EU, http://www.polje.hr/default.aspx?id=114 ) have taught PW team members and external geodesy experts from Faculty of Geodesy all the practical, technical and theoretical knowledge about Locata technology.

With Locata technology, PW team will make HoloGrid (our outdoor AR system) more accurate and precise, which will result in a better synchronisation between virtual objects and reality video stream, which will consecutively enable even better immersion of the user in the fantasy world around him.

Big THANK YOU to our new friend and The Best Lecturer In The World, John Amt, for all the effort he put into the transfer of his knowledge and his senior Locata experience to our team!

Also a big THANK YOU to our dear friend, Locata CEO Nunzio Gambale for extended curtesy, patience, cooperation and for the big support during the whole process of bringing this extraordinary technology to Croatia!

Big thanks to whole Locata team from us! :)

Locata official web site: http://www.locata.com/

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To our Locata friends in Croatia!-page-001  To our Locata friends in Croatia!-page-002

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