LocataNet outdoor arena up and running!

As of today, 12th December 2015, our own outdoor LocataNet arena is up and running! Arena consists of 6 LocataLites which have been successfully synchronized (TimeLocked) today for the first time, providing the mobile Locata Rover unit with position information as precise as 3 mm horizontally and 6 mm vertically. These actual results are even better than the optimistic results we hoped to achieve (we aimed at 2 cm horizontal precision)!

In the next phase of Project Wonderland, our LocataNet arena will become primary outdoor environment for future R&D activities on the project, allowing us to develop a fully functional outdoor augmented reality platform prototype (HoloGrid, our main product). HoloGrid will use Locata’s positional data for HMD’s absolute position information, which will allow us to greatly refine AR rendering and alignment mechanisms.

And BTW, our LocataNet arena is the most precise LocataNet installation in whole of Europe!

Many thanks to Locata for their extraordinary technology, and guys from Poljoopskrba for their local EU expertise on the technology…and invitation to their 10-year-company-anniversary dinner, which nicely correlated with LocataNet’s going-live-date … and Katie’s birthday 😉

Locata official web site: http://www.locata.com/

Local EU expertise on Locata: http://www.polje.hr/default.aspx?id=114

To our Locata friends in Croatia!-page-001 To our Locata friends in Croatia!-page-002

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