The Xsens manufactured MEMS (micro-machined electromechanical system) based MTi® Motion Tracker finds its uses in industrial applications such as UAV and UGV navigation, robotics, antenna steering and camera system stabilization platforms. These applications require control signals with a very low data latency that are accurately time referenced and are accessible with an easy-to-use API. These control signals can be IMU signals, tracking estimates of orientation, position or specific outputs like acceleration in a navigation frame. In these applications, the sensors are typically mounted on platforms that experience vibrations due to engines and actuators or interaction with environment. The signal processing pipeline together with the sensor fusion algorithms ensure effective capturing of the dynamics of the platform under sustained vibrations, prolonged accelerations, magnetic disturbances, and provide tracking estimates that are reliable, accurate, continuously available and with high integrity.

In project’s wearable setup, Xsens MTi-300 AHRS will track 3 rotational degrees of freedom of HMD and possibly further refine 3 translational degrees of freedom obtained from absolute positioning system through sensor fusion algorithms.

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